Target Sports Sponsorship

smARTer played an integral role in engaging baseball fans at Target Field. Working closely with Target’s in-house creative all-stars, we¬†designed illustrations to align with their soft-sell strategy, and with game day program ads that were interactive, playful, and on brand.

smARTer also brought the five Target Field mascots to life with costume designs that allowed for free movement and good sight lines for the actors.

We created full-color mock-ups for Target racing vehicle concepts to help usher along the approval process.

“What I have always enjoyed most about partnering with Sherwin on projects is his ability to take an idea, a morsel or a well-baked concept, and take it to that next level. He strives to make the idea¬†stronger and more importantly, smarter. Not to mention, the dude is fast as (insert your own four-letter word here).” Jason Miller, Design Director


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