Malt-O-Meal Storyboards

Shrinking deadlines mean every step of the creative process has to be handled with efficiency. When we got a call from the creative duo Brave New Media and Fellow, we hit the ground running to produce six, 6-panel storyboards. First we roughed out thumbnail sketches to make sure our vision was in line with the creative team’s. Next, we tag-teamed the artwork and tone to deliver layered Photoshop files in just three days!

Storyboards are an efficient, inexpensive way to prepare for filming — they’re often used with focus groups to measure audience reaction, to set the direction and scenes for the final production, and to sell the concept to the client. This is a simple step in the process to get everyone on the same page.

Good composition and speed are essential to storyboarding. Sherwin’s background as a professional comic book artist gives him an advantage – he’s very fast with a keen eye for camera blocking and a strong sense of visual storytelling.


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