Logos and Icons

With the advent of clip-art logo and icon websites, logo design is in danger of becoming a commodity. “The $40 clip-art logo is a solution that works for some start-ups. Sometimes companies need to get up and running without a lot of overhead,” reflects designer Sherwin Schwartzrock. “But when you’re ready to be serious, you probably shouldn’t go to a DIY website and pick a clip-art image that you could be sharing with others in your industry. If your logo is so generic that you can switch out your company name and use it for another, it probably isn’t memorable or helping you position yourself effectively. If your logo isn’t unique or doesn’t identify what makes you unique, how will that reflect on your product or service?

We live in a multicultural world. Even if you don’t do business internationally, you probably need to connect with a diverse audience. Pictures can say a million words, that’s how a visual logo or mark leaps over the language barrier and communicates your story at a glance. The challenge lies in presenting your brand in a way that is concise, consistent, and develops a “voice” of its own — speaking your unique story.

“I believe Sherwin’s blend of having the sensitivity of a designer, combined with the creative skills of an illustrator, makes him a unique and valuable partner to any creative team.” Ellen Gish, Target Senior Art Buyer

“Favorite moments observed in the studio were the spontaneous ideas flowing from the simple act of placing the school supplies down on that lined paper, one idea fueling the next.” – Jon Baugh, Target Creative Director


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