Bim Bam Boo Branding and Packaging

Father-daughter duo Phil and Zoe Levin founded Ecosentials, a compostable products manufacturer. Their first category entry in renewable alternatives is bamboo paper towels. smARTer helped select a fun, descriptive name — Bim Bam Boo — and designed a logo to enliven the packaging.

Instead of guilting consumers into being green, smARTer’s messaging and imagery strikes a positive tone — a panda character, logo design, and overall brand treatment. Sixteen memorable icons educate the consumer about Bim Bam Boo’s amazing attributes, and are useful in advertising and trade show environments.

Packaging is key to converting the point-of-purchase decision into Bim Bam Boo sales. To stand out on the shelf and in the cart, smARTer used a dark green background with bright green logo and palette of coordinating colors to convey the brilliance of this smart new fiber. Momentum is building: National retailers hear the bamboo story and place orders while local shops replace competing recycled products with Bim Bam Boo.


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Minneapolis, MN 55413