Arista Branding and Ad Campaign

Medafor had a truly revolutionary surgical product in Arista. The hemostat was derived from a natural plant source while all the competitors were animal-based, and this advantage carried myriad safety and efficacy benefits. Hamstrung by a globally disperse sales force, FDA claim regulations, and a hard-to-reach target audience of surgeons and GPOs, Medafor needed a new brand for Arista to quickly and clearly communicate the product benefits and elevate the brand’s value.


Working side-by-side with Initio3i’s Jennifer Kohnhorst, we built a brand that successfully combined two differentiating attributes — safe and natural — with Arista’s iconic bellows applicator. In the landscape of surgical device marketing, the look was clean, fresh, and attention grabbing.

Trade journal advertising was developed to speak to specific segments, communicate relevant benefits, and reinforce brand identity. In addition, we created a dynamic direct mail piece that offers a demo to the qualified recipient and a video link, as well as a series of postcards that can be used by the reps at their discretion.

“I love working with Sherwin because he brings a highly refined visual sensibility paired with a quick, ultra-creative mind. He’s never looking for the easiest answer, but the right answer.” Jennifer Kohnhorst, Initio3i CD/AD


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