Shawn always showers her creative team with loads of praise, so as you can imagine, working with her is always a joy. So, when she landed at Udemy and wanted to collaborate on branding for their annual retreat, we knew there would be lots of fun ahead.

Shawn gave us a strong idea of what she wanted: a retro surfing aesthetic to their retreat event branding. “Let’s Go!” was the name of the event each year but now it needed to get employees excited about the leadership’s new vision cast for the direction of the company. This was easy, who couldn’t get excited about a Dana Point, California, 4-star resort right on the beach?

These were the sun-drenched ideas we presented:

Udemy settled on this visual which was a combination of two concepts. smARTer then set out to create the artwork and branding to fit a myriad of swag applications: towels, robes, shoes, and trucker hats. This needed to work in embroidery, silk screen, traditional print, and digital.