smARTer Logos in LogoLounge 9!

LogoLounge will publish 20 logo designs by Schwartzrock Graphic Arts in its 9th volume!

LogoLounge, the online logo database offering designers a compendium of reference material for identity design, has selected the work of Schwartzrock Graphic Arts (SGA) to appear in its latest book, LogoLounge Volume 9.

With more than 22,000 logos entered for consideration, 20 of those submitted by SGA have been chosen by an international panel of judges.

“In my opinion, LogoLounge is the king of logo book collections and we are super excited to have so many marks chosen to appear in their next publication,” Schwartzrock comments. “As I look at the 20 marks they selected, I’m struck by the diversity of clients we serve: Bamboo paper products, men’s fashion blog, agricultural chemicals, air quality lab, industrial fans, radio show, church, construction company, children’s app, comic book, hospital, and granola bars!”



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Weight Watchers Icons

Thanks to Jen Soik Smith for posting some catalog work for Weight Watchers produced by Seth Johnson Design:  Jen is credited with photo and art direction with Seth on creative direction.

I had a great time working with Seth and Weight Watchers designing the icons used on these spreads. We tried to keep them all circular for a family effect.

WeightWatchers-1 WeightWatchers-15 WeightWatchers-14 WeightWatchers-13

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Schwartzrock is now smARTer!

It’s official, Schwartzrock Graphic Arts has changed its name to smARTer.

It’s been a lot of work but we made the move to better position what we do, why we do it better and for whom. If you have a moment, check out our digital announcement.

In addition, be sure to note our new contact info:


227 Colfax Ave N #210

Mpls, MN 55405

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Fargo Brewing Logo

My friend, Matt Charpentier (aka Charpie), just sent me some new images for Fargo Brewing Company.  Matt’s studio, Chalk, created the can designs for the whole line including the new brew, Ofest…all sporting the logo design we collaborated on back when the brewer was just getting started.  Looking good, Charpie!


FBC-Van-Wrap keg 50l OFest1 sod pour wood pack

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