Target Holiday 2017

smARTer helped the creative masterminds at Knock bring their ideas to life with concept sketches. This process usually hits our desks fast and furious during the summer time… the perfect time to be thinking about Christmas! ūüôā Once we get final approval, our talented friends at Neighbor animated Bullseye. In addition to the images hanging in-store, they also created animations that play on the huge flagship rotunda display. I also noticed the same animation played on the back wall of the electronics section.

I took some of these images in their flagship store in downtown Minneapolis. This is one of the stores that have seen the new interior changes. It’s simply beautiful.

Merry Christmas everyone! Retreat Branding

Shawn always showers her creative team with loads of praise, so as you can imagine, working with her is always a joy. So, when she landed at Udemy and wanted to collaborate on branding for their annual retreat, we knew there would be lots of fun ahead.

Shawn gave us a strong idea of what she wanted: a retro¬†surfing aesthetic¬†to their retreat event branding. “Let’s Go!” was the name of the event each year but now it needed to get employees excited about the leadership’s new vision cast for the direction of the company. This was easy, who couldn’t get excited about a Dana Point, California, 4-star resort right on the beach?

These were the sun-drenched ideas we presented:

Udemy settled on this visual which was a combination of two concepts. smARTer then set out to create the artwork and branding to fit a myriad of swag applications: towels, robes, shoes, and trucker hats. This needed to work in embroidery, silk screen, traditional print, and digital.


Hand-made Bag Branding

smARTer helped branding firm FloraFauna craft a mark for the new gear line, Heimie’s Made, that captures the essence of rugged and handsome leather goods built¬†a century ago.

We started by doing our research. We explored dozens of typography solutions with antique font styles. We settled on this elegant dance of lines, typography, and iconography.


FloraFauna went on to flesh out the look and feel of the brand that included a website, tags, catalogs, and social media.


Band Poster Legacy

“A poster is a visual extension of the event. When done well, a poster becomes more than just ink on paper.¬†It transforms from being a marketing tool that promotes an event, to a work of art that embodies a memory.”


Capturing the essence of the brand and capturing it visually is not just something Paul provides his music clients, it is just an extension of how he works with corporate clients when he designs brands.

To make his legacy even sweeter, Seven of Paul’s posters¬†for Wilco have been bound in a limited-edition, 224-page hardcover book curated by Jeff Tweedy himself¬†entitled¬†Beyond the Fleeting Moment.

Film Festival Promotion

The NSFF is a local group of science and pop culture enthusiasts who wanted to start something big. But like most startups, they had no money and no time. One of the event advocates and sponsors, Tadware & Company, called in smARTer to help promote the event. With so little time, we knew we needed to pique interest in the venue through social media. Working with Adware’s creative director Paul Ferguson and writer Jeff Neidt, smARTer created this campaign to focus on the science in Hollywood.


In addition, we wanted to communicate directly to our ideal audience: really smart people who also love movies.


New Book Cover Designs for NPH

Based on a John Wesley theology perspective, author Eric Vail makes this profound topic easy to digest for any level of theology enthusiasts. The cover visuals are based on the idea that our present understanding of God and his creation are paper thin and Vail invites us to explore deeper thoughts¬†around the scope of God’s restorative narrative.

For more information about this book and to order, visit:

Atonement and Salvation


Below are some additional cover designs we’ve completed for NPH.

Reflecting the Image


Worship, Wonder, and Way